Colour Guide

 Colour Guide Provided by Emmi Smith.

Thanks to Emmi Smith for providing a year by year colour list.

"This colour list is intended as a quick reference guide for colours produced by Whitefriars and has been compiled with help given on the subject by the Museum of London book, the Lesley Jackson book and other information gathered from my own experience and information gleaned from other members of this site. It is as accurate as I can possibly make it given that some of the older catalogues are not fully available. The colours listed are those actually shown in the catalogues and there is a summary of the length of production time for some of the colours used . This is a work in progress and any comments made for improving the accuracy will be welcomed."

1949: Sea Green; Sapphire Blue; Amethyst; Golden Amber; Blue on Green - (according to Jackson this was only used as a standard colourway until 1940 - the MOL book shows it in this 1949 catalogue)
1954: Sea Green; Sapphire Blue; Golden Amber; Twilight
1957: Sea Green; Sapphire Blue; Golden Amber; Twilight; G/C; B/C; R/C; Aquamarine; Evening Sky
1960: Arctic Blue(replaced Sapphire Blue); Ocean Green; Twilight;Flint; Ruby; Harlequin (for mixed sets); G/C; B/C; R/C
1964: Arctic Blue; Ocean Green; Twilight; Flint; Ruby; Amethyst; Midnight Blue; Shadow Green; Streaky Brown; Streaky Green; B/C; G/C(deep green cased); R/.C
1965: Arctic Blue; Ocean Green; Twilight; Flint; Ruby; Midnight Blue; Shadow Green; Str.Blue; Str. Green
1966: Cinnamon; Indigo; Willow; Streaky Brown; Streaky Green; Arctic Blue; Twilight; Flint; Ruby; Midnight Blue; Shadow Green; R/C; B/C
1967: Cinnamon; Indigo; Willow; Twilight; Shadow Green; Ruby;Midnight Blue; Streaky Brown; Streaky Green; Arctic Blue; Flint; R/C; Deep B/C
1968: Arctic Blue; Willow; Flint; Indigo; Ruby; Twilight; Cinnamon; Tangerine; Kingfisher Blue; Midnight Blue; Shadow Green ; Str. Brown; Str. Green
1969: Arctic Blue; Cinnamon; Flint; Kingfisher Blue; Twilight; Tangerine; Ruby; Streaky Green; Streaky Brown; R/C; Pewter; Kingfisher + Green; Pewter + Kingfisher; Pewter + Tangerine; STUDIO COLOURS: Old Gold; Peacock; Orange
1970: Aurora; Arctic Blue; Flint; Meadow Green; Pewter; Kingfisher Blue; Lichen; Marine; Pewter; Ruby; Tangerine; Twilight; Kingfisher + Green; Pewter + Kingfisher; Pewter + Tangerine
1971: Flint; Meadow Green; Kingfisher; Pewter; Ruby: Silver; Tangerine; Twilight; Kingfisher+Green; Pewter+Tangerine; Str. Green; 1972: Meadow Green; Aubergine; Kingfisher Blue; Pewter; Tangerine; Ruby; Flint; Silver; Streaky Purple/Blue; Streaky Amber/Green;
1973: Aubergine; Flint; Meadow Green; Kingfisher; Pewter; Ruby; Silver; Tangerine; Str.Amber Green; Str.Purple Blue
1974: Flint; Kingfisher; Lilac; Ruby; Sage; Tangerine; Yellow; Heather; Marine; Antique Blue (for Toby Jugs only) NB Heather = Streaky Purple Green, Marine = Streaky Blue Green
1978: Aqua; Gold; Ruby; Antique Blue - for Toby Jugs ONLY NEW STUDIO COLOURS; Ruby with Kingfisher overlay; Golden Amber with overlay.
1980: Aqua (FLC); Sky Blue(FLC); Gold (FLC) Antique Blue(FLC) NEW STUDIO COLOURS; Kingfisher/Ruby; Golden Amber with
surface decoration


Amethyst 1962 - 1964 (Also a colour before 1949)

Arctic Blue 1959 - 1970
Aqua 1978 - 1980
Aubergine 1972 - 1973
Cinnamon 1966 - 1969
Indigo 1965 - 1967
Lilac 1974 only
Meadow Green 1970 - 1972
Midnight Blue 1962 - 1967
Ocean Green 1959 - 1966
Pewter 1969 - 1972
Sage Green 1974 only
Shadow Green 1962 - 1967
Silver 1971 - 1973
Sky Blue 1980
Tangerine 1968 - 1974
Twilight 1954 - 1970
Willow 1965 - 1967
Yellow 1974

Textured range colours











Kingfisher BlueMeadow Green







Flint (Clear)flc



Sage GreenLilac





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