1969 - 1980 Gallery

 Kingfisher and Tangerine

Tangerine and Kingfisher were introduced in 1968 and survived throughout id 1970s. Tangerine was a triumph for Whitefriars, being a particularly hard colour to get right, but very popular for dark corners in rooms. Tangerine was the most commonly sold colour for the textured range, followed closely by Kingfisher blue. Left plate: Large and Small Drunken bricklayer vases (13" and 8¼") and triangular bark textured vases (7") c3. Right plate: Various textured vases in Kingfisher.

 Meadow Green


 Kingfisher Basket-weave pattern 9667 (10½"); ii. Meadow green Nuts/Bolts pattern 9668 (10½"). 

 Meadow green was introduced in 1969 in combination with other colours, and then appeared in it's own right in the textured range in 1970.  Large drunken bricklayer pattern 9672 in meadow green (13")  Basket-weave vase pattern 9667 (10½"). 





Pewter was introduced in 1969 and remained in production for several years. The production runs on the larger textured pieces seem to have been relatively few, and it is rare in the shapes shown above. Seen in the correct lighting conditions, the colour shines with a silvery sheen. i. Shouldered vase pattern 9678 (9½"); ii. Hooped vase pattern 9680 (11¼"); iii. Banjo vase pattern 9681 (12"); iv. Large drunken bricklayer pattern 9672 (13"); v. Nuts/Bolts large slab vase pattern 9668 (10½").



 Experimental textured vases made between 1970 and 1973


 Small Drunken Bricklayer vases, pattern 9673 (8¼"). Shown in Tangerine and Flint both in normal orientation and with the central brick reversed or 'wrong way'. The vase was blown into the mould upside down to achieve the 'wrong way' effect. One example of a large Kingfisher Brick which is blown in reverse is also known of. Flint is not a normal colour for this vase and was likely to have been made as a 'frigger'.

This colour way is believed to have been an experimental effect to simulate a flame.

'Nailhead' textured vases in new bright colours



'Nailhead' vases as shown in the 1973 catalog supplement. Known as 'nailhead' vases due to the texturing which was made by a random pattern of nailheads sticking out of wood.

 Large 'nailhead' vases, pattern 9808 (8"). Introduced in 1973, these survived until the closure of Whitefriars in 1980. The vases above from left to right, top to bottom are: sage green, lilac, aubergine, kingfisher blue, ruby and gold.

Small 'nailhead' vases, pattern 9683 (6¾") introduced in 1967. These vases show two distinct texturing patterns with small random small dents (the vases on the left), and more regular larger dents similar to those on the large nailheads. The mold was probably changed soon after the introduction of the large nailheads (in 1973) to make the range appear similar.

Bow fronted nailhead vases, pattern 9685 (43/8"). This vase was introduced in 1967, but only in Flint. The colours Kingfisher, Pewter and Tangerine were added in 1969, followed by Meadow Green in 1970 at which point Flint was discontinued for this shape.

A very similar vase to the one on the left, except slightly smaller and square not bow fronted, pattern 9684 (4¼"). This vase was also introduced in Flint in 1967 but did not survive beyond 1968 and is quite rare.



 Tall nailhead vases pattern 9809 (6¼").

Small 'dimple' vases, pattern 9762 (4¾").


 Streaky vases made between 1970 and 1972


Lichen (Pewter and Streaky Green) vase, from the 1970 Catalog - pattern 9745 (6" high). This vase was also made in Aurora (Tangerine and Streaky Brown) and Marine (Kingfisher blue and Streaky Green).

Streaky Purple/Blue vases from the 1972 catalog, also made in Streaky Amber/Green. i. Pattern 9783 (10"); ii. Pattern 9784 (8"); iii. Pattern unknown - appears to be a shorter version of pattern 9786; iv. Pattern 9790 (6½"); Pattern 9788 (6¾").

Vases with Random Strapping from 1972/1974 catalogs


Cased vases with Random strapping shown in Aubergine, Kingfisher, Tangerine and Sage Green, also made in Lilac. i. Pattern 9802 (6"); ii. Pattern 9801 (7"); iii. Pattern 9797 (7"); iv. Pattern 9794 (8"); v. Pattern 9799 (7"); vi. Pattern 9803 (6¾").



Lobed Bubble vases introduced in the 1972 catalog


This range of vases still represents a very affordable option for a starting collector of Whitefriars. i. Pattern 9771 Ruby (8¼"); ii. Pattern 9776 Kingfisher (6¼"); Pattern 9777 Lilac (7½"); Pattern 9777 Flint (7½"); Pattern 9775 Aubergine (5½"); Pattern 9772 Aubergine (9"). Last three also made in Sage, Aqua, Gold and Sky Blue.



 Textured vases from the 1972 catalog


 Large aubergine textured vases originally launched in 1967 in willow, cinnamon and indigo. i. The 'Cucumber' pattern 9679 (11½"); ii. The Banjo pattern 9681 (12"); iii. The large drunken bricklayer, pattern 9672 (13"); iv. The hooped vase, pattern 9680 (11¼").

 Smaller aubergine vases. From top left: i. Wide nailhead pattern 9685 (43/8"); ii. Zigzag pattern 9761 (6"); Small nailhead pattern 9683 (6¾"); iv. Dimple vase pattern 9762 (4¾"); v. Mobile phone vase pattern 9670 (6½").