1940 - 1961 Gallery

 From the 1940 and 1950 catalogs


 Sky blue vase with amethyst bubbled ribbon trail, pattern 8975 (9¾"). This vase is an unusual colourway used in the 1930s, the catalog configuration being blue on sea green for this vase. Footed forked vase in golden amber, pattern 9251 (9½") also made in Flint, Sea Green, Sapphire and Twilight.

 M60 Jug (2 pint) and tumbler in sea green. Also made in flint and golden amber.

 M74 Water set in golden amber.


 Rare vases from the 1957 catalog


Three vases with polished rims in the Evening Sky colourway which comprises a combination of pink and blue that was very unstable in production. From left to right: i. Pattern 9493 with scooped and polished neck 10½" high; ii Pattern 9494 11" high; Pattern 9492 10" high. These vases continued beyond 1958 but in different colours. A 9" version of pattern 9494 was also subsequently introduced.

Pattern 9490 (oval top with polished rim) in Aquamarine, 8½" high.

Three vases in the colour Twilight: i Pattern 9458 13" high (a.k.a 'Batwings') also made in Flint, Golden Amber, Sapphire Blue and Sea Green; ii/iii. Patterns 9437 (21" high) and 9435 (15" high) also made in Flint.


 Forerunners of the 1962 thin wall soda vase range


These vases were made in the late 1950s in Golden Amber, Flint, Twilight, Sapphire and Ruby. ii appears in the 1957 catalog and the others arrive in the 1960 catalog. The range was re-launched in 1962 at the Blackpool trade fair with a number of other vases in Midnight Blue, Shadow Green and Amethyst. As well as reusing these designs, the range utilised a number of lamp moulds for gourd shaped vases (see next CD). i. Pattern 9548 in golden amber (3¾"); ii. Pattern 9474 in twilight (7½"); iii. Pattern 9553 in sea green (4¾"); iv. Pattern 9548 in sea green.


 Items from the 1960 catalog


Cut crystal vases with polished rims. i. Rare barrel shaped variant pattern unknown; ii. Pattern C520 introduced in the 1957 catalog (10¼"); iii. Pattern C540 (9") Sapphire Blue (also made in Sea Green and Flint).


 Items from the 1961 catalog supplement


This range was introduced briefly in 1961 and is very rare. The decoration was spirals of ceramic on dishes and streaks of ceramic on vases. The ceramic did not easily take to the blue or red glass to which it was applied, causing the range to be withdrawn after only a short time in production.